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Kleefeld Sauna
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  • traditional saunas, solid log saunas
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • lake side saunas
  • residential saunas
  • commercial saunas
  • sauna upgrades
  • sauna stoves
  • sauna accessories
  • fragrances and all natural biodegradable soap (for at the lake)
  • plunge tubs
  • sauna rentals, for the week/month/season
  • sauna evening with your friends
  • anything sauna related
Sauna is more than just a hot wooden box, where people run in, get warm and run out, exited but not having the real Scandinavian style sauna bath. A sauna brings you a new style of relaxation for body and soul, a feeling of cleanliness you never experienced before.

A short visit to our web site will answer any questions you may have. Enjoy the photos and learn more about traditional saunas.

When are you ready for a sauna? Come and join us for a sauna bath and have lots of fun, here at Kleefeld Sauna.

A sauna does not use electricity when not in use, does not need winterizing and can be heated up even in mid winter. A sauna means no worries about frost, moist or cold weather.

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